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Dental Sedation Dentist Fairway KSDental Care in a Relaxing Environment

Dr. Brent knows that even with her gentle approach to great patient care, there are many patients who are naturally anxious or nervous about visiting a dentist. By avoiding dental care, many allow small treatable problems to grow much larger. So if you or a loved one is anxious about going to the dentist, we can help!

An hour prior to your visit, you will take a pill that we have dispensed to you. You will achieve a level of sedation that permits you to reply to questions but mostly sleep through your complete visit. This is ideal for fearful people or those who have a hectic schedule and want to get all their treatment finished in one visit.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

“Laughing gas,” the name by which most people know nitrous oxide sedation, is regularly used to provide a more comfortable treatment environment. Inhaled through a mask, this type of sedation permits you to take in the medication by simply breathing and then induces a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be given in addition to nitrous oxide in most cases. And it wears off quickly enough to allow you to drive yourself home afterward.

OraVerse Comfortable Dental Care Fairway KSNo More “Fat Lips” or Numbness After Treatment!

When a patient stands up from the dental chair after restorative care, they are often “numb” for 3 to 5 hours. It’s difficult to talk or eat and their face and lips often feel “fat.” What if that didn’t have to occur? At KC Family Dental, we’re delighted to offer our patients OraVerse™. An astounding product, it reverses the effects of anesthetic after your treatment is complete. It takes approximately 30 minutes for you to return to normal. So, if the thought of being numb for hours after your treatment makes you uncomfortable – we can take care of that for you!

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